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Welp! It happened again. Once I think I have my contentment issues at bay I walk into target and it hits me like a truck at full force.

The cute girls and boys clothes. I could easily blow out entire food budget for the week (who am I kidding) .. the month, on just buying them new clothes. Today I stood there staring at a sweet spring dress that would make my little darling even cuter! (if that is possible)

Then I walk down the toy aisle and see a scooter. Wesley would LOVE that! We just went to Florida for a few days for a business trip for my husband with a little fun thrown in. While we were there we met up with Kyle’s (my husbands) boss and his family. He had a little boy who was Wesley’s age and they played and played and played together like they had been best friends forever! Emerson or what Wesley kept calling him “cinnamon” had a kid friendly-ish skate board, a try-cycle and a scooter. Wesley was surprisingly good at the scooter. He must have been spared my husbands sports genes. Anyways, when I saw that scooter at target all I wanted to do was buy it for him.

Then we move onto the furniture, the towels, the bedding, the decor. That was it! I couldn’t take it anymore I had to get out there! So with my 2 books from the dollar bin and the pillow (the reason I went there in the first place) I made my purchase and ran for my life!

Whilst I drove around I could feel myself getting angry, but why was I angry? Because I didn’t have the latest and greatest? Because I get to stay home with my kids while my husband goes to work everyday providing for us so I can stay home?

I kept thinking well maybe if I went to work then we could afford that new end table or I could buy my son that scooter. I had to do some serious reflection (over starbucks of course)

I get to raise my children. We own two cars that are completely paid for. We just went to Florida for crying out loud. We are able to pay extra on top of what we owe monthly on our student loans. We as a family have never had any serious medical issues. Both of my babies have been great nursers (which was something I prayed specifically for) My husband loves me and wants the best for me and our family. The list goes on.

My mantra for today… “Just tell yourself, Duckie, you’re real quite lucky.” – Dr. Seuss