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running socks

I have recently started training for my third half marathon. When I first started running I knew nothing. I didn’t know that there were different running shoes for different runners. Or that cotton was the worst thing you could wear, let alone that there were socks specifically for running.

I had to research and learn everything on my own. When I would meet someone who was a runner I would ask them a million questions. What training program they used? What there pace time was? What the best races to do were? What kind of nutrition they used? What kind of shoes and socks they wore?

After having my second baby the weight didn’t come off as easily as the first. I had a friend who was running a 5k and asked if I wanted to run with her! After that another friend said that I should run a half and so feeling accomplished after my 5k I decided it sounded like a good idea.

I somehow convinced my friend Rheagan to run with me and we started training together. Neither of our times were anything great, but we had did and both felt completely accomplished afterwards! The second half I ran I shaved off 10min off my time. This upcoming half I am hoping to run in 2:00hrs.

I still don’t consider myself a “runner” but incase you are just started out or don’t know where to start here are my 5 tips to help you get started!

1. Get fitted for the right kind of shoe – this is one of the best decisions I made. I was having knee pain when I ran but after I got fitted for the right kind of shoe and made sure to not run in worn out shoes the pain has stayed away.

2. Start out slow – When I started I ran for 2min and walked for a min, then slowly worked myself up. My pace time per mile for my first 5k was 11min. I work at my speed almost every time I run, just trying to get better little by little.

3. Running on a treadmill sucks the life out of you – If you are going to run a 5k or just run a few miles to stay in shape then treadmills are fine, but if you are training for a half or a full make sure to run outside.

4. Run with a friend or find a running group – I do like running by myself sometimes, but when it comes to longer runs it is so much more enjoyable to run with people.

5. Home made chicken noodle soup is one of the best pre-race meals I think. On the side have some rolls. I usually load my soup with carrots, celery, potatoes and corn ontop of the noodles and chicken.

Side note, the night before races I always watch “Sprit of the Marathon” It is a great documentary with helpful information and motivation in it.

Happy Running!