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Growing up in New Jersey and then later moving to Nebraska and now living in Missouri I’ve always been “blessed” with the harsh winter months. I use to tell myself that I liked having all four seasons. That people who couldn’t handle a “little snow” weren’t tough enough. (For the record I am not that tough)

Recently we took a vacation to Florida. Ahh sweet sunshine. This recent trip has given me the “move me to warmer weather” blues. While in Florida we went strawberry picking.. in February.. February for crying out loud! The only thing we can do here during February is RUN to and from our car and house. And pray that the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow. (Remember that movie “Groundhog Day”?)

I miss taking my kids to the pool everyday and meeting friends at the park. Spending all day at the lake and grilling that night.


I am ready to put my chunky little girl in her cute swim suit and teach my son how to swim. I am ready for it to stay light for longer outside during the night. I am ready to wear shorts and a tank top running instead of a face mask and gloves.

Summer come quickly! (or husband move me somewhere nice)