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Yesterday my friend and I went out for a 7 mile run. Her longest run so far was 6 so I was excited that I was able to run with her for her longest run yet! It was 43 degrees, a little rain and windy, but we had such a great time. Our pace was 10.43 per mile, which was faster than her 6 mile pace.

It was such an enjoyable run for me. I remember when I first started doing what I considered “longer runs”. Anything beyond 3 miles and I was way out of breath. Today when I looked back on yesterday’s run I realized how far I’ve come. I seriously talked throughout the entire run. I felt so great and refreshed! Today I am in no pain, no sore muscles, no nothing! Having an easy fun run is a great reminder that I started running for fun and was not concerned about my pace or how far I’ve gone or beating my last PR time. I remember yesterday how much I truly love running.

I am so happy that I got to help someone get through their longest run and be there to offer encouragement. I can’t wait until she runs her first half! She is going to do amazing!

Today be encouraged! No matter where you are at in running or fitness.. you can only get better if you keep at it!