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I am so mad at myself I could kick a puppy! Okay I would never do that, it’s just an expression.. it is an expression, right?

This morning I woke up at 6:15 and realized I had missed my alarm! Grrr.. I didn’t have time to make it to the gym and back knowing I needed to get my son ready for preschool, breakfast made, etc.. etc.. the usual mom stuff.

I decided I would do a quick workout at home and make sure to really push myself on tomorrow’s run! I am planning on doing 8. (i think)

I have 10lbs weights and a kettle bell at my house that is my husbands and is way too heavy for me. I have never thought to buy more because we have a gym membership and I am pretty consistent about going. This is only the 2 time I’ve missed my alarm in over a year.

Here’s what I decided to do.


30-jumping jacks

15-hammer curls

30-jumping jacks

15-bicep curls

30-jumping jacks

25-sit ups

I repeated that 3X, then ran a mile of hills. My neighborhood is pretty hilly so it makes for a great workout, especially if you are running short on time.

Tomorrow I will make sure to set 3 alarms, just to be on the safe side!