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I am so excited about this post! I recently wrote a blog post “My kids cave” where I found things I want for my kids play room. I found an Etsy shop  “Mable Dear” and she had the cutest pillows. While I would love to buy her pillows I just can’t swing 38 dollars a pillow right now.

So while I have some basic sewing skills I am not ready to ready to tackle a letter shaped pillow.. so I had an idea! This is what I came up with..

lp5 copy

This is what I did.

First print out letters or if you are brave enough, just draw letters on paper or directly to the fabric. Then cut out the letters.


After you have your letters cut out pin them to your squares of fabric. I cut out 17x17inch squares.

lp copy

Sew the letters onto the square of fabric. Then place the right sides of the two fabric squares together and sew together along the edges.

lp6 copy

Don’t sew all the edges completely closed. On the last side only sew it about 3/4th way closed. Turn the pillow inside out so that you are able to stuff the pillow.

Once you have stuffed the pillow (make them pretty full) take the hole that you used to stuff the pillow and hand sew it shut.

lp7 copy

Wes kept telling me that these were Beautiful! I can’t wait to make a TeePee for him to put these pillows in.