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I am a goal person. About every time my hubs and I go on a date I ask him his 5 goals for the year, 5 goals for the month and 5 goals for our family.

I even have goals to buy things.. mostly home decor or workout gear. I write them down and then save up money until I can buy them. So here are my 5 things I am currently saving up for.


Asics Hera running socks – i have a good friend who loves these. She says there like a treat for her feet!


Brooks PureCadence 2 – i tried these on at the store and loved them.


Livit sports bra – these are so cute!

tank top

So I have never bought anything from lululemon before, but they have tons of cute stuff so I will definitely be trying some out!


Okay, so I have one North Face jacket and I wear it all the time, I think it is time to add a vest into the mix!

Do you set goal list? What are some of your “needed” workout gear?